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The purpose of my life.

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A Few years ago, when my life seemed perfect on the outside, but unhappy inside, I decided to change my life.


It was an unexplainable change for many.
It was even unexplainable for me.

And at that time, October 2007, I wrote this:

“If salmons were people, maybe often they would ask themselves: What is the purpose of my life?

Which is the purpose of going upstream, against the current, defying the law of gravity…

And today I feel like a salmon. Today I feel like searching and searching for a river, and once I’ve found it, I go against the current unlike how the majority does.

That´s why many times in my life I asked myself:
What is the purpose of my life?
Why do I always go against the norm?
Why do I have to be like this?

I would often prefer to not be like a salmon.

However, inside me there is a stronger instinct than my own, a strength that pushes me to complete my destiny.
I would love to be like a dolphin but I am not, I have different dreams and a different purpose.
I am not so sweet and nice. Today I feel like a salmon, choosing the difficult path to get to the top of the mountain where I wanna give my gifts to the world.
And like the salmon I wanted to be the first to reach and fulfill my destiny. And Like a salmon I search and I search till I find my river.

From now on I am beginning to accept who I am and enjoy being it without letting stop me.
Yes! I am a little crazy to those who don’t understand that I am like a salmon.
And now I prepare myself for the climb.


Today It´s been a tough day… I needed to connect with myself again, accept myself  for how and what I am and for everything I achieved .


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